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About Us

UPL Australia Limited (UPL) is part of the Global manufacturer and supplier company - UPL Limited (formerly known as United Phosphorus Limited). UPL Limited ranks in the top 10 of agrochemical suppliers in the world and have in excess of 25 technical and formulation manufacturing facilities globally.

New Chemistry Registrations

1. Fist® Hydrocap 456CS (new formulation pendimethalin)

2. Manic® Fungicide Plus (new mancozeb + edta zinc co-formulation)

3. Conan 500 (chlorothalonil)

4. MainMan 500WG aerial registration

5. Coming soon Elixir® 750DF new proprietary co-formulated fungicide

Welcome to UPL Australia Limited


For non-residual control of broadleaf and grass weeds in various situations as specified in the Directions for Use table.


For selective weed control in cereals pastures and other crops including vegetables as indicated in the Directions for Use table.


For the selective weed control of broadleaf weeds and some grasses as specified in the Directions for Use table.


For the control of insect pests of stored products in certain situations and rabbits as per the Directions for Use Table.

News & Updates

New Proprietary Brand Launches
contact your UPL Sales Manager for more information