Total Crop Solutions

UPL is positioned as a knowledge hub that innovates products for the benefit of farmers the world over. Our portfolio of total crop solution products enhances farm profitability. This portfolio extends from seeds to post-harvest solutions. Representing a one-stop farmer solution.

Advanta Seeds provides farmers with high quality seeds and innovative technology. It has over 60 years of experience in plants genetics and deployment of the most advanced technologies in traditional plant breeding. Advanta Seeds has a number of R&D stations strategically located around the world:

  • - Thirteen Crop specialized
  • - Twenty two research based
  • - One biotech station.

Advanta's unique, superior and proprietary germplasm combined with technology and bioscience capability gave the company leadership position in sorghum (grain and forage) sub-tropical and tropical corn, sunflower, canola, rice and vegetables.

Advanta Seeds is also using leading crop technologies for: added value traits, biotech and high quality oil and yield traits, diseases, pest and herbicide resistance and drought and salinity tolerance.

Advanta Seeds is well known from the local crop expertise by working with and building close relationship with local growers and farmers.

We enhance agriculture viability through start-to-end crop solutions. We are among leading global producers and exporters of crop protection products. Our commitment is showcased in our superior product quality and sustainable growth performance.

We assist farmers in addressing pre-harvest and harvest threats through an effective complement of the following products:

  • - Herbicides
  • - Insecticides
  • - Fungicides
  • - Fumigants and Fumigation Technologies

It is imperative for the world to address primary and secondary issues affecting the far sector. At UPL, we provide solutions that improve or protect yields while addressing multiple challenges.

  • Seed Treatment

    Seeds represent the most critical farmer investment. The application of biological and chemical agents to control or contain primary soil and seed-borne insects and diseases makes it possible to protect this investment. A good seed treatment product provides complete protection against broad- spectrum insect attacks. We are developing a portfolio of seed treatment products across crop types, based on the local needs of farmers the world over.

  • Drought Mitigation

    Zeba is a starch-based granule that absorbs more than 400X its weight in water. Applied at planting, Zeba absorbs and then releases water and nutrients to plants over and over throughout the growing season. Because Zeba is made from starch, it degrades in the soil just like plant residues.

  • Biologicals and Biopesticides

    UPL is working with technology innovators to introduce biological products, including biopesticides. Biopesticides biological agents usually applied in a way similar to chemical pesticides, except in a environment friendly manner. As with all crop protection products, effective control requires appropriate formulation and application; all our products undergo extensive trials leading to superior results.

  • Bio Activators & Adjuvants

    Agricultural spray adjuvants enhance the effectiveness of pesticides and other agents that control or eliminate unwanted pests. Our adjuvant called ‘U-Wet’, available globally, improves crop protection product effectiveness.

  • Crop Nutrition

    Some 16 chemical elements are important as plant nutrients necessary for plant growth and survival. These are divided into two groups: mineral and non-mineral. We develop superior technologies that make it possible to deliver the right nutrient quantity to the plant in the most efficient way.

  • Soil Health

    Affected by moisture stress, low germination, poor nutrient efficiency and weak soil structure. To improve soil capacity and sustain productivity, we introduced a number of products. These products help in moisture retention and release, nutrient release, soil biotic habitat promotion and enhanced degradation resistance.

    The result is that our region-specific formulations are based on soil types, environment factors, crops grown etc. Over time, these have emerged as farmer favorites. One such formulation is Zeba – a starch-based polymer – which, when applied to the soil, helps retain soil moisture and nutrients in the crop rhizosphere, released only following plant demand. The product enhances soil porosity and bio degrades easily, enhancing soil health.

  • Vector Control

    We enjoy a strategic alliance with Clarke – USA, pioneers in the business of mosquito control and related services, making it possible to counter mosquito infestations and liberate communities from vector diseases (malaria, filaria, dengue, chikungunya, Japanese encephalitis etc.)

    Our integrated approach improved product efficacy, cost-effectiveness, ecological soundness and sustainability. We address community needs through researched, specialized programmes addressing environment and human conditions unique to those areas.

    We also deal with products addressing termites and are likely to launch pesticides directed at the general pest segment.
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We offer comprehensive post-harvest solutions for grain, fruit, and vegetables that enhance marketability and farmer incomes.

QuickPhos™, MagnaPhos™ and QuickPHlo-R™ for grains

The Phosphine fumigation method has been acknowledged as the most effective the world over in pest control, saving thousands of tons of grain from destruction. UPL’s QuickPhos, coupled with its principal ingredient Aluminium Phosphide, is a solid potent fumigant in tablet, pellet and bag presentation. MagnaPhos’ active ingredient comprises Magnesium Phosphide with the palate of its ammonia-free formulation and fast-gas release being its most popular presentations. The QuickPHlo-R system is ideal in state-of-the-art application technologies and is under patent in most countries.

Decco for fruits and vegetables

Packaging and the transport of perishable commodities like fresh fruit represents an ongoing challenge. DECCO is an effective post-harvest system trusted by farmers and packers the world over across decades.

DECCO (DECay COntrol) produces quality coatings used in fruit and vegetables. These coatings provide an enduring sheen, control shrinkage and dehydration, protecting product quality during longer transportation tenures. DECCO protects produce quality, making it possible for producers to generate the highest returns, especially for fruit like mango, kinnow, apple etc.

All ingredients used in DECCO manufacturing are approved as food-grade by the F.D.A, EU and P.F.A in India.
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