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Mrs. Sandra Shroff

Leading various social projects, she is at the heart of UPL’s culture of caring.

Mrs. Sandra Shroff


Mrs. Sandra Shroff, is the Vice Chairman of UPL. She is also at the helm of Enviro Technology Limited and Bharuch Enviro Infrastructure Limited as Director.

A problem-solving industrialist
Apart from the growth of her company which is her top priority, she has been closely associated with ICMA (now known as ICC), FICCI, Assochem and CHEMEXCIL. Instrumental in resolving the problems faced by the chemical industry throughout India, over the last three decades she has been a major contributor to the rapid industrial growth at Ankleshwar and Vapi.

Driving social welfare with gusto 
Mrs. Shroff’s social contribution is at par with her contribution to the growth of the Indian Chemical industry. Actively promoting social infrastructure such as hospitals and schools, she is renowned for the establishment of institutions that are ranked among the best in South Gujarat. As a Trustee of the GnyanDham Vapi Charitable Trust, the Ankleshwar Industrial Development Society, Sandraben Nursing College and the Ankleshwar Rotary Educational Society, she spearheads their various social upliftment  projects.

Mrs. Shroff’s sensitive mind and emphatic attitude towards life are also evident from the fact that she has adopted the Model Eklavya Residential School at Ahwa, which is a school for tribal children in the Dang district. She is also involved in umpteen social and welfare activities such as building of village schools, providing tube-wells to villages and helping the tribal farmers with better methods of farming and agriculture.

She is also the President of the Burns Association of India and has the honour of being a member of the National Integration Council which is attended by the Prime Minister and chaired by the Home Minister.

Mrs. Shroff has spent more than five decades in India and is well conversant in Hindi, Gujarati and Kutchi languages.