Doing Things Better

‘Doing Things Better’ is core to our DNA.

Three simple words, which lie at the heart of the UPL philosophy. "Doing Things Better" is all about raising the bar in global agricultural productivity. It represents an ethos statement and exemplifies UPL way of living and creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

  • Doing Things Better...

    Drive our business beyond conventional frontiers

    We are confident of addressing the global challenge of a rising population and growing food demand. We have combined speed with agility; we have blended nimbleness with the ability to embrace change. We are a game-changer in the regions and spaces of our presence through innovative products and strategies customized to evolving business spaces and a forward-looking business model.

    Doing Things Better...

    Enhance manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies

    UPL has enhanced its competitiveness across cyclical downturns through cost optimization, waste reduction and energy conservation (investing in a 50-MW equivalent coal-fired boiler to reduce electricity costs). The company also reinforced its competitiveness through stretch targets achieved within stipulated tenures, collaborative engagements between the R&D and production teams to achieve process and product improvements and engaging academic institutes to enhance operational efficiency.

    Doing Things Better...

    Deepening our marketing reach

    UPL widened its reach by manufacturing closer to large consuming markets and, analyzing grassroot realities to strengthen demand forecasting. UPL’s professionals engage periodically with farmers to showcase products, attributes and efficacy. We strengthened our branding and marketing to enhance user confidence. We commissioned 10 Unimart stores across India to market agricultural inputs, provide knowhow and train in catalyzing productivity. Result: enduring farmer relationships.

    Our revenues (consolidated) have increased at a CAGR of 15% over the five years ending 2014-15, outperforming the sectoral growth.
  • Doing Things Better...

    Accelerated product innovation aligned to compliance priorities

    UPL improves products to counter pest challenges. Our strong R&D team, comprising 35 PhDs and 25 scientists, has created a robust pipeline of innovative products. We extended the application of products across diverse crops and regions. We removed bottlenecks to enhance output and reduce production costs lower than our peers. We launched more than 55 researched, value-for-money products in two years and registered more than 4,692 products worldwide.

    Our innovation index (measuring the revenue contribution of products launched during the past four years) increased from 2.5 in 2013-14 to 5% in 2014-15.
    Doing Things Better...

    Enrich our human capital 

    UPL’s differentiated HR strategy has helped reinforce our market leadership and cross-functional coordination across 120+ countries. Today, we employ more than 3800 professionals from 25 countries. We invest in formal and informal training as well as on-the-job learning. We have transferred key executives across geographies to enrich our international leadership pool. We have reinforced engagements with employees across levels by providing an enriched workplace, challenging job profile and ongoing dialogue.

    We enjoy one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry.
    Doing Things Better...

    Create a rich intellectual property bank

    UPL’s rich pool of scientists focus on process innovation leading to global patents. This has helped enhance manufacturing efficiency on the one hand and strengthen product efficacy on the other. This has empowered the company to extend beyond new product development and improvement in existing products to build a world-class intellectual property bank. These initiatives have helped strengthen the company’s credentials as an innovator in its own right.

    We have over the past few years, filed more than 407 patents globally.