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The world knows us as one of the most competitive total crop solutions company


UPL’s wide array of crop protection products offers protection against most pest infestation sources. Over the years, we have extended beyond agrochemicals and diversified our product portfolio to seeds, seed treatment solutions, post-harvest solutions and industrial chemicals, among others. Validating our identity as a one-stop solution provider.

Pervasive Value Chain Presence

Over the past four decades, we created a strong presence across our sectoral value chain – R&D, registration, manufacturing, packaging and marketing. The result is that we have emerged as one of the most holistic generic agrochemical companies in the world.

Entrenched Presence

UPL has established its footprint in more than 130+ countries across six continents with a visible presence in key agro-based economies like India and Brazil. This ‘glocal’ approach has de-risked us from being excessively dependent on growth coming out of a single country.

Message from chairman

Dear Shareholders,

The year 2017-18 was one of the most challenging that the industry has seen in years. A number of countries experienced erratic weather that impacted farm output, commodity realisations declined, farmers held back sowing in regions following enhanced water-stress, geopolitical challenges affected sales and currency devaluation dented earnings. Each of these factors would have been potent enough to erode earnings; that these transpired concurrently affected revenues of crop protection chemical companies worldwide. It is in this context that the performance of UPL Limited must be appraised. The company reported 7% revenue growth, 9% EBIDTA growth and 17% net profit growth on a consolidated basis.

We planned better. We delved deeper. We worked harder. In short, we did things better.

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Higher Growth Geographies

Robust Innovation Pipeline

Adjacent Technologies

Strong Manufacturing

Global Talent Pool

Superior Cashflow

Continuous Growth

Improved ROCE

Focus on Innovation

Focus on Innovation

We have invested extensively in R&D activities. We launched more than 100 products in the last 2 years, emphasizing strategic effectiveness. A relentless focus on innovation helped us differentiate the application of existing products.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Led by industry stalwarts, the leadership of our senior management has earned us the certification of being a 'Great Place To Work' from global institutions.

Research-led approach

Research-led approach

We registered products in 116 countries including the fast-growing agro markets of Brazil, India, Mexico, China, Australia, the US, Argentina, France and South Africa, among others. As a means to this end, we conducted intensive research-led and country-specific studies, ensuring seamless compliance with stringent norms.

Brand Strength

UPL prudently invested in brand-building based on the understanding that branded products command a premium over commoditised ones. The branded product accounted should be 86% for 2017-18


Branded 86 %
Generic 14 %


Branded 86 %
Generic 14 %


Branded 85 %
Generic 15 %


Branded 80 %
Generic 20 %

Global Footprint

We expanded our marketing presence across 130+ countries in six continents (supported by 33 manufacturing units in 11 countries). This facilitated customer proximity and allowed an attractive cost arbitrage leverage in manufacturing bulk chemicals in India and formulations in diverse countries.

Efficient Logistics

UPL strengthened its reach through a hub-and-spoke distribution model, which allowed us to manufacture most of our bulk chemicals in India and formulate specific products in plants located closer to markets. A robust network of distributors allowed us to seamlessly distribute products and circumvent logistic bottlenecks.

Integrated Approach

We integrated operations in a manner that key products like phosphorus and chloralkali, among others, served as raw materials for the synthesis of other products. A deep integration helped us achieve qualitative consistency and cost-competitiveness.