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How we Innovate

Agriculture needs to adapt and change to the pace of our evolving world to fulfill its promise to humankind. Our research and development aims to provide comprehensive solutions to the the unique needs of our modern customers.

Solutions for our ever-changing world

As the requirements and demands of our customers change, our innovation is focused on finding the best solutions to satisfy their varied needs. With the aim to cater to all our customers to the best of our ability, we bring together advanced technologies from various industries and create carefully engineered solutions that deliver desired results.

We believe in a holistic approach, building products and verticals that not only control a particular aspect like pests, but work on all the various aspects also like plant health, soil health as well as water management for all-round advancement. To do this, we build best-in-class formulations with many industry-first products, and we continually push the boundaries

Our research and development has led us to:


- First micro-encapsulated seed treatment

- First emulsion-in-water acaricides

- First commercial, flowable encapsulation of a solid active ingredient


- Patented starch-based soil enhancement technology


Collaboration for seamless innovation

When the best solution demands a new active ingredient or technology not currently in our portfolio, our strength comes from our ability to partner with the best people and companies to acquire it. This approach:

- Reinforces our close ties to customers

- Delivers products for which there is a naturally strong market demand

- Makes us extremely responsive to changing customer and consumer needs

- Delivers a fresh portfolio of top-performing products