Mosquito Surveillance Tools


Being the pioneers in this industry, we offer Mosquito Surveillance Tools such as Mechanical Aspirators, BG Sentinel Traps and Larvae Collection Kits made in India.

Mechanical Aspirator

This battery powered aspirator eliminates the need for mouth aspiration. It’s invaluable for the rapid collection of biting and resting mosquitoes. Powered by two D-cell batteries, a small vacuum pulls the mosquito into a detachable tube so the respiratory hazards of mouth aspiration are eliminated.


BG-Sentinel Trap

The BG-Sentinel Trap is a light-weight collapsible mosquito monitoring trap that has been used throughout the world by scientists, public health professionals and mosquito control operators for the surveillance of mosquitoes. Easy to transport and safe to handle, this basic trap only requires a 12 Volt DC energy source (a motorcycle battery is suggested). The BG Sentinel can be used indoors as well as outdoors.


Larvae Collection Kit

We offer a premium range of Larvae Collection Kits to our clients and is highly demanded by mosquito control operators, scientists and public health professionals. It is a well organised and professional-looking kit.

Collection Kit