Fogging Machines

Fogging Machines


Our range of products include Fogging Machines such as Pick-up Trucks set with Flexible Tanks, Leco 1800E-OHV, P-2 ULV Backpack and Knapsack power Mist Duster(11L).

Pick-up Truck set with Flexible Tank

The Truck Mounted Larviciding Unit is recommended for Insecticide and Larvicidal Applications on open air canals and sewage systems. Top performance and competitive pricing make it the perfect choice for professionals in public health programs. Highly efficient to control the larvae foci of endemic disease vector mosquitoes.



The 1800E-OHV cold aerosol ULV generator sets the standard for professional equipment. An 18 Horsepower Briggs & Stratton Over Head Valve (OHV) engine combined with the powerful features you need, make the 1800E-OHV the ideal choice for big jobs.


P-2 ULV Backpack

The P-2 ULV Backpack uses the same advanced engineering and quality concepts of our larger ULV units, but weighs only 10.8 kgs, making it ideal for public health vector control in small indoor and outdoor areas. The P-2 ULV Backpack features an air cooled 2-Cycle engine, 2 liter fuel tank, and adjustable flow rate settings. The formulation tank is corrosion resistant and built into the backrest. Also, the set-up time is only 5 minutes!


Knapsack Power Mist Dusters (11L)

Knapsack Power Mist Dusters is a multipurpose applicator of liquids, powders and granular products that comes with an open/close stopcock, for easy filter cleaning, even on a full tank, avoiding environmental contamination. It’s innovative ergonomic design with low center of gravity provides better balance and comfort for operators, by preventing major oscillations and vibrations. The agitation control lever has two settings, revolutionary and efficient agitation system which injects air (fan), thus preventing sediment formation and eliminating the need to premix the product.

Knapsack Power
Mist Dusters (11L)