Special Feature

August 10th - 11th 2017

Marco Polo Davao, Davao City, Philippines

Transforming the production of bananas around the world

Filled with many essential nutrients, bananas are a popular fruit around the world. Today, over 100 billion bananas are consumed worldwide, annually, making it the 4th largest agricultural product. With increasing emphasis on its weight-loss, digestion and heart-health properties, the demand for bananas is only increasing.

Moreover, as the crop is grown in more than 100 countries throughout the tropics and sub-tropics and in a range of environments and production systems, bananas are of great importance to small-scale farmers.

Growing urbanisation in many developing countries means that the crop is becoming more and more important as a source of revenue, sometimes providing the main source of income for rural communities. Bananas thus play an important role in poverty alleviation.*

At the UPL EBDC Global Symposium, we put the Farmer First in the true spirit of UPL, with discussions on emerging issues in banana plantations, sharing of best practices across the globe and a focus on new technologies and offerings from UPL.

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