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Driving an agricultural revolution in Brazil - UPL Mais Terra

UPL's MaisTerra has been travelling through Brazil following field days, fairs, visiting farms and talking to producers and researchers from the north to the south. With continuous presence on the field, the rally has been generating tips and reports, delivering results and improvements for better agriculture.

To help our customers better understand our products, their applications and results, we regularly hold field demonstrations. Showcasing products that are relevant locally, these meetings also help us gather first-hand feedback.

Customer Concern

As a way of saluting the farmers, we held a 'Selfie with Farmers' contest. This initiative was our way of encouraging our employees to take their kids to meet farmers and in turn, build appreciation for those who offer the most important service to humanity - provide us with our food.

Customer Concern

One of the most important initiatives to drive our growth globally, UPL's Business Partners Meets are held regularly wherever we operate. As the most important drivers of our business are at together at the same table, growth plans, problem resolutions and innovative ideas are focused on during these meetings.

UPL renewed its commitment to extend boundaries for better crop solutions at the FIFA Football World Cup 2014 held in Brazil.