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Crop Protection

Crop Protection & Nutrition

UPL’s committed to the cause of building food security. With innovative strategies and advanced products customized to local needs, we help farmers protect as well as nurture the food being grown.



Complete control and elimination of yield- threatening weeds

UPL with its range of herbicides provides sustained weed-control at all stages of the crop growth. In the interest of the environment, our products also offer the right alternative solutions to crop burndown. Our newer formulations have been developed to tackle the increasing problem of glyphosate-resistance with the help real-time data from the field.

15% increase per annum in the use of herbicides for the next 5 years



Protection from diseases for a healthier farm output

UPL’s fungicides are fighting a vehement battle for food, fodder as well as industrial crops against a broad spectrum of crop diseases. Our Mancozeb formulations, with their multi-site, protective action on contact, are driving the fight against resistant fungi. Newer technologies are adding the advantages of easy dissolution and dispersion, complete coverage, lower dosages to our formulations.

7.5% per annum growth trend of last five years expected to continue

Food Security

Dedicated to improving agricultural viability across the world. Our strategy is to innovate and grow our portfolio of crops and vegetables.

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Protection from insects for high yields and quality

~13% of global crop losses amounting to USD 2000 billion are caused by pests every year. Our range of insecticides has proven effective at controlling the most destructive of pests. However, to fight this menace better, we are continually developing new chemistries with new modes of action and applications.

Seed Treatment

Building seeds’ resistance to pest attacks and environmental stresses

Application of biological and chemical agents to control or contain primary soil and seed-borne insects and diseases is critical to ensure good yields. UPL’s seed treatment products provide complete protection against broad- spectrum insect attacks. They also facilitate growth by improving immunity and promoting uniform germination.

Farmers globally are investing more in seed treatments

Biologicals & Biopesticides

Adding value to natural crop protection

Agricultural biologicals is a diverse group of products derived from naturally occurring microorganisms, plant extracts, or other organic matter. As the need for solutions high on efficacy as well as environment friendliness becomes imperative, UPL is partnering with some of the leading companies in the space to provide a powerful range of crop protection biological.

UPL’s Livo is a range of environment-friendly biopesticides derived from natural resources like the extracts of microbes.


Enhance the effectiveness of crop protection products

Enhancing the effectiveness of crop protection products To get best results, the spread and absorption of crop protection products on plant surface has to be maximum. UPL in a strategic partnership with Evonik co-markets non-ionic surfactants and adjuvants to get best results.

‘U-Wet’, available globally, improves crop protection product effectiveness manifold.


Crop Nutrition

Bio Nutrition and Bio Stimulants

Healthy crops from sowing to harvesting Various factors like soil, climate, plant physiology, pest & disease incidence affect the availability as well as absorption of nutrients by crops. UPL has developed solutions with global partners for all stages of crop development that ensure a proper balance of nutrients, absorption efficiency and maximum performance.

UPL’s Nutreo portfolio is applied through foliar, soil and fertigation methods.