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Crop Protection

Farmer Engagement

Our commitment to global agriculture extends beyond the farms. To enhance farm viability in a sustainable way, UPL has undertaken many initiatives that provide knowledge, training and holistic farmer support. increase yield, provide post harvest solutions and minimize food wastage. Also, care has been taken to incorporate techniques that minimize the environmental footprint too.

The field of agriculture is continuously changing. Staying abreast with the latest advancements is a challenge especially for the far flung or marginal farmers. UPL addresses this challenge through its initiatives by working on a local level continuously and ensuriing that the latest in farming practices is easily accessible to them at appropriate times.

Advisory Services


UPL’s chain of 13 farm advisory and solutions centres in India and Africa.

A farmer needs various inputs, other than what to grow; he needs the right advice, the right resource mix and the right implements to maximize farm productivity. Since 2009, Unimart has been a one-stop solution center providing expert advice, quality products along with necessary guidance to enhance farming practices. The result of this far-reaching initiative has been an attractive increase in income per acre of crop produce translating into an improved standard of living across regions.


  • Expert Advice
  • Field demonstrations
  • Free home delivery of products
  • Libraries for farmers
  • Mandi rates
  • Toll free numbers
  • Training centres
  • Video on Wheels

To know more: www.unimart.in

Adarsh Kisan Centre

UPL’s advisory contact centre with registered farmer base of 2.3 million in India.

In farming, timely advice with right products and right practices is key. In response to this evident need, UPL launched AdarshKisan Centre, a remote advisory contact center for farmers in India. Present in three locations viz., Mumbai, Chandigarh and Vizag, the call centres are manned by experts conversant in all major Indian regional languages. The biggest farmer connect contact centre initiated by the private sector, this unique helpline resolves crop-related farmer queries / concerns / issues of farmers from all over the country.

Toll Free number: 1800 102 1199


SMS updates on important topics are sent to registered farmers daily.

Timely voice blasts pertaining to crop/ pest related issues, pest forecasting and call data trends.

AdarshKisan Centre

Mechanised Spraying Services

Adarsh Farm Services

A UPL initiative to transform farming through farm mechanization technology and services.

Mechanized spraying is the answer to manpower paucity, rising costs and erratic climate conditions that hamper farm operations. UPL’s Adarsh Farm Services offers high-tech tractor-mounted spray equipment that results in time and cost savings for farmers on one hand and minimizes crop damage on the other. As we extend this service to marginal farmers too, we are building direct relationships with farming community.

Quick Facts

  • 1.2 Millions acreage covered
  • More than 1 million farmers serviced
  • 3 State Covered – Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana
  • More than 15 crops covered - kinnow, cotton, wheat, paddy, sugarcane, soybean, maize, potato, mustard etc.

Trust ++

UPL’s integrated solutions platform for banana growers in Latin America.

UPL’s Trust++ allows thousands of banana growers access to quality fungicides manufactured by UPL, which facilitates the permanent monitoring of Sigatoka.The platform urges banana farmers to ‘know more and work better’ by providing them easy access to information on contemporary technologies, markets and global developments, weather reports, online record books for stock control etc. The result is - UPL is not merely providing a platform; it is creating a community.

Quick Facts

  • More than 15,000 acres covered by the Trust++ service

Farmer's Education

UPL Centre for Agriculture Excellence (CAE), Nahuli

UPL ‘s venture to provide free training of modern scientific agriculture

At UPL, we don’t only innovate and develop best agricultural practices but also work towards their dissemination for the welfare of the farming community as well as general public. Inaugurated on 30th April, 2017, the UPL CAE provides free practical training of modern scientific agriculture practices along with accommodation to farmers or agriculture students from across India or overseas.

620 farmers trained till date.


Nguso Papa

Sharing knowledge and innovation with West African growers

Since 2015, we have also been training growers in selected areas of rural West Africa in how to safely use crop protection products. Through our subsidiary Callighana, we expanded this training program to Ghana in October 2017. This innovative training program is called «Nguso Papa» and is offered free of charge to cocoa growers and technicians in the region.


Aplique Bem

A responsible training program for growers, since 2007

‘Aplique Bem’ meaning ‘Apply Well’ was born out of our awareness that an agrochemical application, especially resistance management in crops must occur with responsibility. Aplique Bem functions as an itinerant training program for the growers. The objective is to spread knowledge and provide assistance in the responsible use of the latest technology to avoid losses during product application and minimize the risk of environmental and food contamination. Successful in Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Ivory, Coast Republic of Mali and Republic of Ghana.

Well-deserved recognition:

Aplique Bem’s importance in Brazilian agriculture has been duly recognized:

  • Best Agricultural Practices Project by ANDEF 2008
  • Best Agricultural Practices Project by ANDEF 2012
  • Best Stewardship Program Award of the Agrow Awards 2012