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Crop Protection

Crop Protection

UPL’s committed to the cause of building food security. With innovative strategies and advanced products customized to local needs, we help farmers protect as well as nurture the food being grown.

Strategies for complete
crop protection and

We apply best-in-class formulation technology with a localized approach to formulating mixtures that are highly flexible and responsive to customer needs. We address every stage of the lifecycle of crops and plants and aim to outperform the crop protection chemistry market by focusing on high-growth, high-value and high-differentiation segments through innovative products and well-designed treatment plans.

Specialty Applications

Our focus on specialty applications and locally tailored applications in high-growth agricultural regions provide us with a higher competitive advantage while maintaining lower exposure to commodity grain prices. Specialty applications include Crop Protection solutions for niche and specialty crops; products for underserved or hard-to-control pests; alternative application methods like seed and soil applied technologies; and bio-based products.

Tailored Local Solutions

Global and local marketing efforts in all our major markets allow us to better understand specific market trends and grower requirements, thus enhancing our ability to develop tailored local products consisting of one or more formulated, ready-to-use mixtures of different active ingredients that solve the needs of growers of a particular crop in a specific country.

We help them develop crop protection strategies after an in-depth study of the distinct local factors such as climate, soil, crop selection, farming technology, regulations, and pests.

We believe the increasing consolidation of the Crop Protection industry has created a need for nimble, innovative and customer-centric companies like us which, through its local presence and tailored products, can more effectively address these local specific needs and quickly capture market share.

We have built strong grower relationships through direct contact and also educational, stewardship, and community initiatives such as our Aplique Bem ("Apply Well") Program that started in Brazil and has expanded across Latin America, Africa and Asia.

A Broad Range of Proven
Crop Protection Solutions



Complete control and elimination of yield- threatening weeds

UPL with its range of herbicides provides sustained weed-control at all stages of the crop growth. In the interest of the environment, our products also offer the right alternative solutions to crop burndown. Our newer formulations have been developed to tackle the increasing problem of glyphosate-resistance and to kill weeds with real-time data from the field.

15% increase per annum in the use of herbicides for the next 5 years



Protection from diseases for a healthier farm output

UPL’s fungicides are fighting an aggressive battle for food, fodder as well as industrial crops against a broad spectrum of crop diseases. Our Mancozeb formulations, with their multi-site, protective action on contact, are driving the fight against resistant fungi. Newer technologies are adding the advantages of easy dissolution and dispersion, complete coverage, lower dosages to our formulations.

7.5% per annum growth trend of last five years expected to continue

Food Security

Dedicated to improving agricultural viability across the world. Our strategy is to innovate and grow our portfolio of crops and vegetables.

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Insecticides and Acaricides

Protection from insects for high yields and quality

~13% of global crop losses amounting to USD 2000 billion are caused by pests every year. Our range of insecticides has proven effective at controlling the most destructive of pests. However, to fight this menace better, we are continually developing new chemistries with new modes of action and applications.

Seed Treatment

Building seeds’ resistance to pest attacks and environmental stresses

Application of biological and chemical agents to control or contain primary soil and seed-borne insects, diseases, and pests is critical to ensure good yields. UPL’s seed treatment products provide complete protection against broad-spectrum insect attacks. They also facilitate growth by improving immunity and promoting uniform germination.

Farmers globally are investing more in seed treatments


Enhance the effectiveness of crop protection products

Enhancing the effectiveness of crop protection products to get best results, the spread and absorption of crop protection products on plant surface has to be maximum. UPL in a strategic partnership with Evonik co-markets non-ionic surfactants and adjuvants to get best results.

‘U-Wet’, available globally, improves crop protection product effectiveness manifold.


New integrated solutions for total crop protection

ProNutiva is an exclusive program that integrates natural biosolutions with conventional crop protection products to meet the needs of today’s growers.

Remarkable success achieved in Italy, Brazil, Poland and Hungary