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Crop Protection


As the need for solutions high on efficacy as well as environment friendliness becomes imperative, UPL is building a powerful portfolio of biological solutions that answer modern agricultural needs.

Adding value to crop protection

UPL’s strong biosolutions pipeline signals the dawn of a new era in sustainable agriculture as a part of integrated pest and nutrition management programmes. As biosolutions optimize plant nutrition, enhance crop yield and quality, or protect crops along with conventional products, they are sure to improve farmers’ resilience to weather risks and biotic stress. It will help growers enhance their crops' genetic expression so they can reach full genetic potential.


Plant growth life cycle has five critical and dependent growth phases that directly affect the ultimate outcome: the achievement of crops’ maximum genetic potential. Our biosolutions enhance the crop life cycle by maximizing the efficiency of each of the five primary classification stages and by helping plants to better cope with a variety of stress factors.

By harnessing the power of plant extracts and nutrients, growers could see numerous benefits, including

  • Optimal fruit set
  • Better crop quality
  • Increased nut meat in tree nuts
  • Improved fruit and nut size
  • Higher nutrient levels and better utilization
  • Enhanced plant development
  • Boosted yields

UPL BioSolutions Portfolio

From plant health to plant protection


With the emphasis on sustainable agricultural practices the demand and use of organic products is on the rise. Biofertilizers create a win-win situation by presenting the perfect solution to address agricultural and environmental issues simultaneously. They are used to optimize plant nutrient utilization efficiency. We offer premier quality, highly compatible fertigation products that feature proven and result oriented technologies that optimize plant nutrient utilization efficiency.


In the quest to improve crop health and boost yields, growers are turning to new technologies such as biostimulants and innovative nutrition to add to their management input programs. Biostimulants and innovative nutrition boost crop productivity by joining seeds and chemicals as part of the portfolio of integrated crop solutions to maximize the genetic potential of the crop seed.


Biocontrol is an environment-friendly crop protection program that is chemical free and ensures better crop protection through microbial organisms that assist in pest and disease control. It improves the health of the crops by protecting it from harmful pests and diseases.

UPL BioSolutions Products


Our ProNutiva® program is already leading the way, with the integration of biological solutions and conventional chemistries to create new crop solutions that meet the evolving demands of the entire food chain. Our market-leading BioSolutions and Seed Treatment business concentrates on BioStimulants, Innovative Nutrition products, and BioControl products.

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Various factors like soil, climate, plant physiology, pest & disease incidence affect the availability as well as absorption of nutrients by crops. To ensure healthy crops from sowing to harvesting, UPL has developed solutions for all stages of crop development that ensure a proper balance of nutrients, absorption efficiency and maximum performance. UPL’s Nutreo portfolio is applied through foliar, soil and fertigation methods.


‘Livo’ from UPL are a range of environment-friendly biocontrol solutions derived from natural resources for effective pest and disease management. Livo solutions complement conventional crop protection and help in residue and resistance management issues. Some products are organically certified as well making them the preferred choice for Organic Farming. UPL’s Livo is a range of environment-friendly biopesticides derived from natural resources like the extracts of microbes.