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Advanta is 4th on the Access to Seeds Index 2019 South and Southeast Asia


We are pleased to announce that Advanta has performed very well and obtained the 4th rank out of 24 companies in South and Southeast Asia of the Access to Seeds Index 2019. The ranking is based on the total of the scores of obtained by the company in these areas:

1) Governance & Strategy

2) Genetic Resources

3) Intellectual Property

4) Research & Development

5) Seed Production

6) Marketing & Sales

7) Capacity Building

Thanks to the many efforts the company puts in to comprehensive marketing and sales activities such as demonstration and promotions, Advanta reaches a wide target group of farmers across the index region. It scored the most in this area with 3.24 points out of 5. Other areas where Advanta scored points are in Intellectual Property and Research & Development as it has a relatively wide portfolio that covers most index crops, except field legumes, and a few local crops as well. As UPL and Advanta together carry out capacity building activities such as training, ICT-based extension services, and input supply and guidance, it scored well in capacity building too.

Other notable points that helped Advanta gain this excellent rank were that Advanta and its parent company UPL are working towards UN Sustainable Development Goals especially SDG #1 (No poverty) and #2 (Zero hunger). Advanta also allocates 20-25% of annual turnover to improving access to seeds for smallholder farmers.

To know more, visit: https://www.accesstoseeds.org/index/south-southeast-asia/company-scorecards/advanta/