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We at " UPL Limited " formerly known as United Phosphorus Ltd. are a global generic crop protection, chemicals and seeds company, headquartered in India (Mumbai). UPL, Advanta and UEL, the three companies in our group, are listed on the Indian stock exchange, with a combined market capitalization of approx $2.5 billion. The revenue of our Company has grown at a CAGR of 26% over the last 5 years.

Our fantastic growth is the result of successful backward and forward integration by taking advantage of the consolidation opportunities within the agrochemical industry. Integrating the acquired companies is as challenging as acquiring them and at UPL, we have a dedicated in-house team specializing in this task.

 News Releases

>> 29th April, 2016      UPL Capital Markets Day 2016 - Webcast recording

>> 19th February, 2016      UPL - Advanta Merger Scheme Presentation

>> 27th November, 2015      UPL-Advanta Merger Conference call Transcripts

>> 2nd November, 2015      UPL Sponsors Khadi Fashion Show


 Our Products

 Technical Name: Acephate 75% SP
 Mode Of Action : Systemic and Contact
 Recommended Dose : 300-400 gm/acre

 Technical Name: Sulfosulfuron 75% WG
 Mode Of Action : Selective, Post-emergence
 Recommended Dose : 13.5 gm/acre

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