Quality Care

UPL's quality control (QC) approach is based on the clear target of 'Zero Defect'.Each stage of production from raw materials sourcing, through manufacturing to post-production are closely monitored. UPL has also committed substantial investment to maintain and improve high standards of environmental care. This concern is designed into UPL's processes and manufacturing plants at the outset to minimize the effluents and energy use. Effluent is treated on-site wherever possible to ensure the high standards set are not compromised by operators outside UPL's control. Working closely with customers in the marketplace, UPL recognizes the requirements for the highest level of support in product research , development and registration.

Capability in applied R&D is one of our major corporate strengths. Our R&D strategy is to continue to invest in the innovative formulations that are environment and user friendly, which are essential to the growth of agro chemical companies. New products have been introduced virtually in every year of the company's history in response to the specific needs of a changing market.

Most importantly, UPL is wholly committed to maintaining and expanding its portfolio of registrations globally. Considerable investment has been focused on the regulatory requirements for registration support.UPL has a dedicated registrations team, which works closely with customers and registration authorities. Registrations activity is greatly assisted by UPL's access to the internationally recognized Jai Research Foundation (JRF), an independent center of excellence for research and toxicology with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) status.

A furthur step forward in product support is UPL's increasing capability in formulation and distribution services. Formulation facilities in the UK have now been augmented by he acquisition of a majority shareholding in AgroDan - a Danish company with established expertise in formulation technology as well as marketing and distribution. UPL has the commitment and capability to offer total support from start to finish in the agricultural sector.