Packaging and transport of perishable commodities like fresh fruits is a big challenge in a country like India. As an Indian company, we at United Phosphorus have developed DECCO for the post-harvest system. For several decades, the farmers and the packers around the world have trusted DECCO. DECCO as the post-harvest product and its services of have processed countless billion pieces of citrus fruits, stone fruits, tropical fruits and vegetables.

What is DECCO?

DECCO means (the DECay COntrol) of fruits and vegetables. DECCO produces high quality coatings to be used on fruits and vegetables. The film of coating used on fruits and vegetables provides long lasting shine, controls shrinkage and dehydration, thereby making transportation easier for longer periods of time. All the ingredients utilized in manufacturing DECCO are approved by the F.D.A, the EU and the P.F.A in India, as food grade materials.

Prominent features of DECCO range of products:

- Visual appeal, shine and cosmetic value
- Increased shelf-life of fruits and vegetables
- Fungicides
- Minimization of fungus growth
- Shrinkage control which reduces weight loss

The above factors help in improving the marketability of products and enable the producers to obtain the highest value for their produce. Some of the prominent fruits and vegetables which can be treated with the DECCO range of fruit products are:

- Mango
- Apple
- Kinnow
- Orange, sweet lime, lime
- Plum, peach, pear
- Tomato
- Capsicum

Decco Product Portfolio

Detergent Fungicide / Disinfectant
Alkaline formulation,Acid formulation,Neutral formulation Imazalil, Thiabendazole, Fluodoxinil, Myclobutanil, Orthophenylphenol, Fosetyl, Guazatine, Iprodione, Pyrimethanil
Anti-scald (apples/pears) Coatings
Ethoxyquine,Diphenylamine (DPA) Shellac,Carnauba,Polyethylene,Anti Foam,Chlorine,Wood rosin,Bee wax,Alkaline formulation,Acid formulation,Neutral formulation
Sprout Inhibitor Equipment
CIPC for Potato Drencher,Wax applicators,Fogging /fumigation

Services (in selective countries)

- Equipment and Technology transfer
- Mechanical assistance, 24 hours a day
- Electronic assistance (remote control)
- Systems for chamber control and chamber maintenance
- Residue and microbiological analysis on fruits
- Quality control of fruit
- Return and disposal of residue
- Waste water purification and environmental consultancy